About ITASA's 2015 East Coast Conference

The East Coast Conference is a flagship event for ITASA's East Coast Chapters. This year's convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA on February 12-15, 2015. Asian American pre-professionals and students from diverse industries and functions will gather from across the East Coast region of the US to network, learn, and grow professionally. High profile Asian executives and leaders will teach and inspire attendees during keynote addresses and workshops.


Our vision is to provide an unforgettable experience fueled by meaningful relationship-building among conference attendees, the guiding inspiration of guest speakers, and a spirit of unity and passion that will encourage all to connect their Taiwanese American identities to the many facets of their lives and to ultimately make a global impact.


We aim to search within ourselves, and around us, to develop the passions and inspirations that shape our individual identities.


We seek to connect with others, building cross-campus relationships sparked by our conference experience and rooted in respect and understanding.


We venture to discover how our Taiwanese American roots can empower us, leading us to join a global community with the brightest of futures.